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What course to start with in Programming?


Learning is a process of acquiring some knowledge, in a specifically targeted field. Every one of us should learn at least something we feel good at. Well, if you feel good at programming or graphics, then we will help you choose your preferred course here at Coder's Lap.

Know what you're good at

The first step is to know and find out what you are good at. It can be programming, graphics designing, or anything, If it's programming, then let's start the talking. If it's graphics designing then consult here!

What is Programming?

Programming, in one word, is 'fun'. Programming actually is like having a conversation with the computer system, where you order the system to perform some particular task that you find the computer could easily perform. According to Wikipedia, "Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result or to perform a particular task." 

Wait, no need to remember the definition or understand it. Simply, you talk to the computer in a language which is a bridge between the system and us.

Now, let's know some languages that we have a course on!

Now, we move on to the main topic, what to choose.

talk abt both backend and frontend development

  1. For Game Development

    C#, C++, Java, etc. are some of the popular programming languages for game development.

    C# is an object-oriented language, the most popular language used for game development, as it has extensive support from Microsoft. Using the Unity game engine in C#, one can enter into the world of game development. It is easy to learn, yet complex, but you can learn C# easily here at Coder's Lap.

    C++ is another popular object-oriented programming language, which is quite complex, but if you are good at it, then you can easily switch to C# or Java. Many games are made using C++ along with C# using game engines like Unity. So, C++ is also the language for game development, as it allows more direct control over the hardware and graphical processes, which is truly needed in game development.

    Java is another popular language, also object-oriented, in the field of game development, which is quite similar to C# in OOP. It is mostly used in developing mobile games, as it is a versatile language.

    Other languages like JavaScript can be used in making online games, Python can also be initially used in making simple games, and so on.

    If you are interested in game development, then let's start a course.

  2. For Web Development

    Web development means making websites, web apps, and all related to the internet. It can range from making a simple static site to more large and dynamic websites like social sites, YouTube, etc. Websites are designed at the front level (frontend) and developed at the back level (backend).

    At the front end, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many frameworks related to them, which at last compile to the one of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to design the websites. HTML acts as a skeleton of the website, whereas CSS, with its full form Cascading Style Sheets, relates to the design of the website. JavaScript can be called a magician, like a soul for the human body, which adds some behavior to the website at the front level(note that JavaScript can also be used at the backend). We have a course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript here.

    At the back end, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, etc., and their frameworks are used in the development of websites.

    Some of the frameworks/libraries used in Web development are React, Vue.JS, Angular, jQuery, Django, Flask, etc.

  3. For Desktop App(Software) Development

    Software development, here, means developing applications for Windows and other Operating System platforms. For developing simple to high-end software, Python, C/C++, C# (pronounced as C Sharp), .NET Framework, JavaScript, etc. can be used to make windows applications.

    C# along with the .NET ecosystems is the best way to make simple to high-end modern desktop applications.

    One can also make windows applications in C sing Win32 API, but it is the traditional approach. All the other major ways to make windows applications use WIN32 API in some form.

    Using some libraries in Python like Tkinter, we can make GUIs. 

    We can also use some frameworks in JavaScript to make desktop applications. Frameworks like Buildfire.js, Electron, NW.js, AppJS, Meteor, and Proton Natives, can be used to make cross-platform desktop applications.

  4. For Android App Development

    Android app development is the technique to develop apps for the android system. According to Google, Android app is developed using the Android Development Kit (SDK). We will also learn ways to develop apps for IOS here.

    If you plan to develop android apps in the future, then Java or Kotlin should be on your languages-to-learn list.

    Java is an Object Oriented Programming language similar to C# and can be used to develop android apps. On the other hand, Kotlin is the first-class language to make android apps, as it was born to. One can use Android Studio IDE for so.

    Flutter, react-native can also be used to make cross-platform apps. Objective C and Swift can also be used to develop apps for IOS.

  5. For Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

    Well, you must have learned or heard about this most hyped thing, Python for Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML). Even for learning data science, Python is the premier language. So, take a course here. Without other talkings,  R, C++, MATLAB, Java, JavaScript, etc. can also be used for so.

  6. For Embedded Systems, Operating Systems

    Embedded systems are like computer systems with some dedicated function only for some particular task, that may use sensors, displays, I/O devices, and more. Examples, fire alarms, alarm clocks, smartwatches, etc.

    Well, the Operating System is the main software that you use in the computer or any device to communicate with the hardware component of the system. It is the interface to use the computer.

    Without any arguments, C and C++ language remain at the top for embedded systems and Operating System development.

With this all discussed, now you just need to click on a link to begin the course at the Courses page. I hope, you have a good programming journey ahead!

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